Pro Rider: Victor Nolan
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FourPlay Racing is more than just a team, it’s a family. Victor Nolan, owner and Pro Runabout 250 Racer, has truly created a strong, highly motivated, well rounded team, with many years of racing experience to prove it. His wife Jennifer Nolan is the team’s manager and Women’s Runabout 200 Racer. Darren Terzi (Jennifer’s father), is their highly skilled crew chief and assistant mechanic. The team is extremely excited to announce the addition of their two new racers as well, Kirk Britto Pro Runabout 300 Racer, and Mike Kelberer, Pro Ski Racer.
Victor Nolan was born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland.  At an early age he could always be found at a local park riding skis with friends and family.  As a teenager he would often watch local races, wishing he could participate, while knowing it was financially impossible for him and his family.  However, he knew his fate could change with hard work and self- determination.  At the age of 17 he opened his first business where he bought, sold, and repaired home appliances.  After three successful years of business, he then sold his shop and began establishing his present career, Nolan’s Home Improvement, LLC.  He has since developed, expanded and molded Nolan’s Home Improvement, LLC into a very successful business. Many people say that his drive for work is fueled by has passion and love for riding and racing.  Because of his hard work and dedication, he was then able to save enough money to start racing a Kawasaki SXR 800 at the age of 20.  The following year he began racing a Yamaha GP1200R as an amateur.  Racing as an amateur allowed him to gain tremendous experience and perfect his skills.  After a long wait, hard work and a lot of racing, in the 2011 season he made the jump to Pro-Stock on a Yamaha 1800 FZR.  At the end of the season after being on the National Tour with the IJSBA he finished 5 th   overall in Pro Stock for the season. In 2012 he decided to take a different approach to his racing agenda. First, he made the decision to build a Pro-Runabout Open boat. This decision involved endless hours of wrench time, fabrication, and tuning which lead to several races of trial and error to really get the boat dialed in correctly. FourPlay Racing also developed a working relationship with Dean Charrier, one of the top tuners in the country. In 2013 after a lot of hard work racing the national tour, he ended up suffering a shoulder injury which limited his training and racing for the second half of the season, but he was still able to place 6 th  in the World in Expert Runabout Limited and 10 th  in the World in Pro- Runabout Limited.  2014 was another tough year for him. With ups and downs from training to tuning and then actually racing, he never got discouraged but simply more determined, and was still able to fight for 6 th  place in the country in Pro Runabout Open and 7 th  in the World in Expert Runabout Limited. With so many highs and lows over the past 3 years he decided to take a short break from racing the entire national tour in 2015 and focus on his business, and spending time with his family and friends. His break ended sooner than expected when his passion for racing took over and he decided to start training again to participate in the first ProWatercross World Championships held in Naples, FL. This decision brought him tremendous success as he won his 1 st  World title in Expert Runabout Limited, placed 2 nd  in Expert Runabout Open, and 3 rd  in Pro Runabout Limited! Vic is now more excited than ever to start preparing his team for their new journey racing the P1 AquaX Series in 2016!
Kirk’s love for racing did not actually begin on the water. At the early age of 13 he began his racing career with Motorcross. He and his family traveled the circuit so that he could compete at all of the major tracks in the southeast region. He continued racing throughout his teenage years and by the age of 17 qualified for the National Supercross Event. Then in 1989, when he was 19, he decided to make a change and move his passion for racing to the water and began competing in freestyle and amateur ski events at the regional and national level. From 1991 to 1996 Kirk raced and competed in freestyle and won several titles including being the IJSBA National Freestyle Champion in 1991. He tied for the IJSBA National 650/750 Limited Close Course Overall Championship in 1992 and also won 2 nd  place in the IJSBA National Freestyle event. In 1993 he decided it was time for a new challenge and moved up to the Pro level. This change brought a new level of difficulty with it, but he was still able to pull off a top five finish in the IJSBA National Pro Freestyle in 1994 and 95. Shortly afterwards Kirk decided it was time to take a break from racing and start a new chapter of his life. He and several friends formed a heavy metal band called Stuk. They were very successful and performed numerous concerts throughout the Florida area. Although Kirk loved his music, his love for racing shined through and he once again found himself on the starting line at the IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu, AZ where he raced Pro Ski in 2012. This was all he needed to get back into the game and the following year he placed 3 rd  at the ProHydroX in Pro Ski Open. His luck only then continued on as he was the 2014 National AquaX Ski Champion. Then in 2015, was the Pro Watercross World Masters Ski GP Champion, and placed 3 rd  overall in the AquaX Ski class. With so much experience racing ski and doing freestyle, Kirk is extremely excited to be trying something new this year racing runabout, especially in the 300 class!
From dirt tracks to closed water courses, from dirt bikes to skis and sport boats, Mike Kelberer can always be found racing or riding in one way or another. As a kid Mike was always involved in motorcross. He raced all the local and regional tracks and won several titles throughout his youth. He then began racing watercross in 1994 and continued with it through 1996 with several wins along the way including winning 1 st  place overall in Novice Ski of the Mid Atlantic Challenge, 2 nd  place Novice Ski of the New Jersey Shore Championship, 1 st  place Overall Championship in Novice Ski of the Maryland State Championship, and 3 rd  place Novice Ski Modified in the World Finals at Lake Havasu. Then in 1995 won 6 th  place overall for Expert Ski in the Mid Atlantic Tour and 10 th  place in Expert Sport. Mike then decided he needed to take a break from racing, which didn’t last long as he found himself back in the thick of things by 2001. That season he raced and won all eight rounds of the Mid Atlantic Tour and became the ProAm Ski Superstock Champion. Racing was once again here and there for Mike as work and family started to take more of his time. With only being able to race a few rounds a year, it wasn’t until 2012 that he was able to place 4 th  in ProAm Ski Stock in the IJSBA National Tour, and in 2014 finished 12 th  overall in Pro Ski GP on the IJSBA National Tour, and 8 th  for ProAm Ski Lites. Mike Kelberer will be competing in the ski or sport class of the P1AquaX Series in 2016!
 In 2012 Jen made the decision to begin her racing career. This led Fourplay Racing back to the NEWA Region 8 Series where she first gained experience racing a sport boat. She then moved up to the Women’s Runabout Stock class of the IJSBA National Tour and placed 2 nd   overall for the year. She continued racing this class in 2013 and was once again ranked 2 nd  in the country. Although she was enjoying racing this class she was not enjoying finishing in second place. So after a long winter of training and tuning she decided that 2014 was going to be different and decided to really challenge herself by stepping up and competing in two classes alongside the men as well. Her hard work and dedication persevered as she took the title and won 1 st  place in Women’s Runabout Stock and finished 3 rd  overall for the year in Expert Runabout Stock. Her competitive edge and drive to win stems from her childhood were she rode and showed horses from the local to national circuit. At the height of her career she qualified and competed in the Washington International Horse Show, winning the local day competition in the Adult Amateur Division. The following year, she once again qualified and competed in the High Adult Jumper Class and finished eighth in the nation. Jennifer currently continues to ride and train horses at Persimmon Tree Farm. Almost every free weekend throughout the off-season of jet ski racing, she can be found horse showing at a near-by competition. Jen also studied nursing at Howard Community College where she received her Associates Degree in 2007. From graduation through the spring of 2015 she worked as a critical care trauma nurse at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. She now works as a PACU nurse at the University of MD recovering patients after they have surgery. Jen is extremely excited about taking on a new challenge and being one of the few women racing the P1 Aqua X Series in 2016!
Darren Terzi’s drive and passion for racing and competition comes from many years of his own personal experiences. After graduating from high school in 1975 he entered the automotive repair industry, enabling him to begin his racing career in the NHRA. He first got his feet wet racing a Camaro and a Monte Carlo. Darren then moved up to racing a dragster in the super gas category. After many successful seasons, he decided to sell this dragster and bought another which he raced in the super comp class, once again leading him to the winner’s circle. In 1984, he and his partner started their own auto repair company, which they still own and operate to this day. Then in 1990, Darren decided to sell his entire race operation and turned to competitive off shore fishing. He fished several different tournaments throughout the east coast with the same team for 16 years, and even traveled to six different countries for leisurely and competitive fishing. Now his love for traveling, and the competition of jet ski racing are the perfect fit for the future.
Pro Rider: Kirk Britto
Pro Rider: Mike Kelberer
Amateur 200 Rider and Team Manager: Jennifer Nolan
Crew Chief: Darren Terzi
Kristen Smoyer is 33 years old originally from Boston, MA.   She performs stunning shows and has raised the talent bar for females to reach in Flyboarding.  Kristen is a certified Master Instructor for PWC Products – Zapata Racing. Kristen has been competing in a multitude of athletic events since the young age of 5 including swimming, soccer, basketball and softball.  At UMASS, Kristen played collegiate basketball, soccer, and softball. Since graduating college she never lost the desire to compete.  She is drawn to high adrenaline sports. Kristen’s hard work and determination has made her a role model for Hydro Flight sports from newcomers to pros. Kristen has been featured in CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Sun Sports, H2RO Magazine, Sun Sentinel, Florida Today, Hometown News, Osceola News- Gazette, Huntington Herald Dispath and P1 AquaX News. Professional Achievements: Current World Rank: 1 2016 Flyboard World Cup: 1st Place World Champion 2016 HydroFest Pro Ladies JetBoard: 1st Place Overall 2015 X-Dubai Flyboard World Cup: Placed 3rd Overall 2015 North American Flyboard Championships Women’s: Placed 3rd Overall 2014 Regional St. Pete Fly-In: Placed 1st Overall Professional Achievements: Current World Rank: 1 2016 Flyboard World Cup: 1st Place World Champion 2016 HydroFest Pro Ladies JetBoard: 1st Place Overall 2015 X-Dubai Flyboard World Cup: Placed 3rd Overall 2015 North American Flyboard Championships Women’s: Placed 3rd Overall 2014 Regional St. Pete Fly-In: Placed 1st Overall
Pro Fly Board: Kristen Smoyer